Here we are, February 6th, almost 50 degrees outside...weird. I've shoveled once this winter. Times change, weather changes, patterns alter, etc, etc. I love that I can drink the water that comes out of my faucet at home; I love that I have a faucet that dispenses water in my home. I want my kid to have the same. What am I really saying???

Maybe we shouldn't eat so much meat. I stopped around November 2001, with the occasional bite here and there. I have eaten some fish over the past decade and a half too. I have since stopped that as well. Practiced a vegan diet for a few years, switched back to vegetarian when I got pregnant in 2014. Now am back to a vegan diet. Why? Well, I have moments of extreme sadness when I think about the harm inflicted on sentient beings (just one of many links to check out if you are so inclined only to satisfy our conditioned responses to our hunger and thirst.

I also think about how our diets are a product of our history and tradition. My grandparents' families ate the way they did because they raised animals, collected their eggs and milk and slaughtered them for their meat. Because they didn't have such unlimited access to other forms of food and often their financial circumstances didn't allow for it. Do I understand this? Yes. Do I feel that I must eat the way they did even though my situation is completely different? No. 

Then I think about the damage that a diet including factory-farmed animal products has on our environment. I won't post a link here as there are soooo many and all you need to do is a three-second google search and you'll see what I mean. My point is, why partake in the factory-farming system if you don't have to? It's not an easy transition sometimes and maybe you'll make "mistakes", I know I did and still do and that's ok, no one is perfect and you shouldn't expect yourself to be perfect. 

This is what I read when I need to remember why my choices are important. I recommend this book to everyone. Be prepared to change your eating habits by the time you finish the book. Habits change. Traditions change. Climate is changing. Etc. Etc. Etc.