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Good Morning Midnight, Peanut Ricky, Douglas Kramer Nye

Joseph Charles Cacciatore & The Mourners (FKA Good Morning Midnight) - First local show since their opening slot for Mitski, and the first local show with the new name. Canonical '90s indie rock of Sparklehorse and Red House Painters meets the dreamy, romantic folk of Nick Drake and Tim Buckley.

Peanut Ricky - Local freaks. The spookiest moments of the Pixies meet the uncomfortable sexual coolness of Xiu Xiu, with a soul influenced delivery and a knack for dreamy repetition. For anyone who has ever masturbated to Georges Bataille.

Douglas Kramer Nye - Cowboy folk crooner with a baritone voice. Songs for smokey highway diners that would make David Lynch's hair stand up. Classic Iowa City singer-songwriting at its finest.

Doors at 8pm