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FMWT #17: Jason Snell w/ Brendan Hanks

FMWT #17
Jason Snell
w/ Brendan Hanks
Trumpet Blossom Cafe 3/1/2019
Friday 9pm $8

Jason Snell is a multidisciplinary artist who has two decades of experience producing technology-based art, including electronic music, interactive technology, and motion design.

He has produced dozens of albums for experimental music labels and performed over 100 shows throughout North America and Europe. He extends his music through inventing experimental technologies, including a generative MIDI sequencer with artificial intelligence and using motion and biosensors to compose live music performances.

His design work has included interfaces, websites, and mobile applications for interactive departments at HBO, MTV, AOL Music, and Condé Nast, winning several New Media awards. Finally, his film work explores using generative algorithms to dynamically sequence films and has premiered at Sundance and the Berlin Independent Film Festival.

His time is spent between Los Angeles, Iowa, and Berlin.

Brendan Hanks:
You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel.