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Googleplexia, Samuel Locke Ward, & Douglas Kramer Nye

It's the Googolplexia debut at Trumpet Blossom Café! After playing the finest venues known to Iowa City, it's time for this, the crowning achievement. I'm taking my new car on a brief tour mostly in Iowa. Thus, the Googolplexia CRASH TEST DUMBASS Tour. Let's test this thing's mettle AND metal.

Also appearing live! My oldest IC pal (I mean I've known him longer than anyone else I know in Iowa City, not that he's actually the oldest of all the people I know in Iowa City. But that might be true too!), Samuel Locke Ward!

And Douglas Kramer Nye, the only other act (besides Googz I mean) I've ever known to do the HAVE GUN--WILL TRAVEL theme song, "The Ballad Of Paladin":