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Esmé Patterson, Elizabeth Moen, Brooks Strause

Denver, CO’s Esmé Patterson has been making waves all around the country since going solo in 2012 (she was previously in Denver-based Paper Bird). Her voice is smooth and sweet when she wants it to be, and then fully rock and roll when you least expect it. Each of Patterson’s songs listens like and intensely personal diary entry, and you’ll likely find yourself relating to all of them with wide-eyed wonder.

Elizabeth's sound and songs flow fluidly across many genres, inspired by artists from Alabama Shakes, Sharon Van Etten, and Angel Olsen to Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, and Bonnie Raitt.
This summer will be stocked full of great shows and festivals in Iowa and the Midwest. Moen has previously released a self-titled EP in 2016 and a vinyl LP titled "That's All I Wanted" in 2017.

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Virgo, Leo rising. Brooks has been making solo albums for 10 years: The Misanthrope and his Doubtful Faith(2007), Dead Animals(2009), Apostatize!(2010), My Foreign Right Hand(2011), Acid Casual(2013), Renaissance Beast(2014), Aeiouns(2014), The Chymical Wedding of Brooks Strause(2015), Christ of the Abyss(2016) and Benjamin(coming soon).

Doors 9pm