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FMWT #14: Forest Management w/ The Christine Burke Ensemble

******R E S C H E D U L E****** (from 6/2)

Forest Management:
"John’s material tends toward longform drones that accrue stardust as they stretch out to fill space. The sound is comparable to some French and German composers of the early 1970s, but his take is a bit more different than anything that comes easily to mind." - Wire Magazine

Forest Management is John Daniel (b.1989 in Hemet, CA), an American musician currently living and working in Chicago, Illinois. The project began in 2011 in Daniel’s hometown of Westlake, Ohio

“A venue doesn’t have to be just a room. It can be an extension of the musician and his or her craft. Case in point: Forest Management, the ambient/drone project of Cleveland musician John Daniel. In any other setting, Daniel’s music would be enjoyable, a lush and intricate mix of slow-swelling synths and found sounds that eventually reach levels of movement bordering on actual life. In this venue, a rustic community center that’s easily 100 years old, it became grand and theatrical, filling the 200-person auditorium with an ethereal hum. Even amid an audience of a couple dozen, paltry numbers for the space, it was hard to not feel moved and part of something bigger than you. For someone just getting into the realm of ambient, Forest Management’s set was a powerful display of the genre’s universality.“ - Chris Coplan, Senior Staff Writer, Consequence of Sound (POP Montreal 2014)

The Christine Burke Ensemble:
The Christine Burke Ensemble is a group of musicians from the Iowa City area who compose and perform experimental, improvisatory music. Members also perform with Wombat, JCjp and the University of Iowa Center for New Music, and have written works for the JACK Quartet, Alarm Will Sound and the United States Air Force Band, among others.