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Tacos for Peace : Peace Iowa

Join us for February's TACOS for PEACE as we donate 20% of our sales 5pm-9pm to Peace Iowa. Please read on to learn more about this outstanding local organization and visit their website for even more info. 

from :

PEACE Iowa is a grassroots organization supported by many individuals and local groups in eastern Iowa.

PEACE Iowa Vision:

Make visible the way of peace. Increase awareness of the presence of peace-minded individuals and groups in eastern Iowa, and support their endeavors.
Facilitate community, common purpose, and cooperative action among diverse peace-oriented groups. Draw from the peace traditions of many faiths and from secular movements promoting peace.
Inspire and educate future generations of peacemakers.
Connect eastern Iowans to people affected by violent conflicts around the world, in order to hear first-hand their experiences, perspectives, and needs.
Foster communication between eastern Iowans and ordinary people in nations and groups labeled our "enemies."
Serve as a resource for individuals who want to learn about historical peace traditions and movements.
Educate ourselves and others about the links between war and political, social, and economic practices.
Provide resources to help eastern Iowans make personal choices that decrease the likelihood of war and promote international peace.

Peace Center Activities:
Films, discussions
Vigils, rallies
Peace programs and resources for youth and schools
Peace art and music
Iowans and Iranians Cultivating Peace
Sharing alternative perspectives on military service
And much more!
Peace Resource Center
Resource library-books, videos, DVDs
Pamphlets, buttons, stickers, yard signs
Information about peace events and groups