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Larry Wish & His Guys // Bob Bucko Jr // Thuh Chocolate Hog Boys

Check out this super special Third Thursday as Larry Wish & His Guys and Bob Bucko, Jr. join Thuh Chocolate Hog Boys for a night of unpredictability.......................................
"WOW! Larry Wish & His Guys literally nailed it: Not From My Come From sounds embarrassingly nostalgic and retro with poignant meshing of minor-key/heavy-chord harmony. It’s 1000% PG-13. Almost like technology you’ve seen 50 years ago practically used in practice today. Okay, but maybe Not From My Come From is some sort of mirage inside-joke that really makes sense to nobody. Yet, there’s MEGA lurrrrv for Larry Wish in all our hearts, & His Guys probably aren’t too shabby. This harmonizing! LOL I can’t describe it without coming off negative, but in such a good way. If someone dressed vomit in a burrito and got all the hot sauce and whatever sour scream, veggies, rice, still vomit, and a bowl full of luck. Laughing and crying, you know? Nobody can see outta Geordi La Forge’s visor but him"
"I don’t know what I could rightly expect of a demo reel from an artist as varied as Bob Bucko Jr., so I’m a little surprised that “consistent” is the adjective that materializes top-o’-the-mind for his The History of Western Music CD-R on Iowa’s Nova Labs imprint. For an experimental musician who thoroughly occupies the different themes and methods he explores, each track on the collection has an appealing smallness, whatever audio sources he might rove into; whether its with keys, his more familiar guitar work, or the clang of drumming and other genuinely distinct acousmatic sections. Released simultaneous with his more recently recorded voice and drone-focused Analog Masters Vol. 1 cassette, The History of Western Music takes a surprisingly graceful meander through Bucko’s archive of unreleased material, circa 2002 to 2014. Notes of free jazz and moments of more and less subtle shredding function as dynamic digression alongside a foursome of lengthier core tracks that each, on their own, broaden into oceanic depths of minimalist sound assembly."