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The After School Specials

This Sunday, The Trumpet Blossom will extend their Sunday hours for a special show with Shimek's own After School Specials! Please bring a crowd and join us for one of our last shows of the year.

4:30-5:00pm: 3-4th graders
5:00-5:40pm: 5-6th graders

We have a special (2 song) guest performance after our young groups have finished their sets. Some of our musician's parents have banded together to learn a couple of their own classic rock covers and I have dubbed us, The Old School Specials! We can't wait!!!

Band Bio:
The After School Specials have been rocking such local venues as the Mill, Java House, UAY, and the Arts Fest since 2009. Originally created as a one-shot project for a yearly talent show, the band grew over the next few years into two, separate, performing entities comprised of 3rd-4th graders, and 5th-6th graders who are enrolled in Shimek's before and after school program. The band now performs an eclectic mix of classic rock, 90's alternative, and modern pop songs, lead by local rockers, Matt Larson and Claire Thoele.