Hosted by Iowa’s Progressive Leaders for Cathy Glasson

Hey, Iowa!

Do you believe that everyone deserves a living wage of $15, quality healthcare, a healthy, sustainable environment and a good education? We can have that future if we stand together and fight for it. It’s time to#RiseUpIowa !

Real change never occurs from the top on down, it always comes from the bottom on up. It comes from people like candidate for governor Cathy Glasson, an ICU nurse turned labor leader and running to be the first elected female Governor of Iowa. 

Change starts here. Now. With us. 

It’s time to create a government that represents the best interests of the people and planet, not just the profiteers. It’s time for a big, bold progressive agenda!

Progressive leaders from all over Iowa are gathering in #IowaCity and are declaring their support for Cathy Glasson. Come join us for night of good times, great music and grassroots revolution ✌️