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Curt Oren & Nora Petran RECORD RELEASE / They Say the Wind Made Them Crazy / Oren & Hurlin Duo

Join Curt Oren and Nora Petran in celebrating the release of their split 12" vinyl record, 2%, in the relaxed and comfortable settings of Trumpet Blossom Cafe!!! 

Recorded live in Maquoketa Caves State Park using only the natural acoustics of the cave for effects, Curt Oren and Nora Petran's 2% perfectly captures the organic beauty of their music while revealing the hidden magic of the natural world. 

Curt Oren is a solo saxophonist who uses circular breathing, electronics, and a wide array of instruments to create emotion driven sound environments that remain firmly grounded in songwriting.

Nora Petran is a songwriter who with her intimate guitar playing and fragile, yet powerful voice, crafts beautiful songs that bring you to tears and leaves a smile on your face

featuring additional music from:

They Say the Wind Made Them Crazy - Hailing from Dallas Texas, the duo creates deeply experimental, avant-garde folk music with wordless vocals, distortion, drone, nerve rattling low end, classical guitar and storytelling segments. Sarah Ruth Alexander performs on hammer dulcimer, harmonium, recorder, bells, vocals, and effects while Gregg Prickett performs on electric and acoustic guitar, upright bass, cedar flute, and shakers.

Curt Oren/David Hurlin Duo - recent winners of the Iowa Music Project, Curt Oren is joined by Fairfield percussionist David Hurlin to make sounds that form a constantly shifting wave, ranging from quiet meditations to volcanic eruptions. No performance is ever the same, expect the unexpected.

Doors at 8 pm, music to follow shortly after


Peace on Earth