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Cold Country // Asher Brown :: Acoustic Brunch Show ::

Cold Country is the ever-immersing brainchild of songwriter and audio engineer Sean McConnell. Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, McConnell ended his would-be college career in the late-aughts to pursue music, primarily as a recording studio engineer. After booking a one-way ticket to Chicago, he quickly settled in, calling the mid-west home until a brief move to Austin, TX in the fall of 2010. It was in Austin where he began writing and performing his own songs as part of the pop duo You Are An Airplane. By spring of 2011 they had enough material to play a few unofficial SXSW showcases and a tour through the south. 
Soon returning to Chicago, McConnell, deciding on more personal musings, assembled a rotating line-up of friends and local Chicago musicians, calling the project Cold Country, after a term his Minnesota-born father used to refer to the mid-west.

With local support from:
Asher Brown - Asher Brown is a transgender singer/songwriter currently based out of Iowa City, IA. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2013 with an expensive degree in songwriting he'll never pay off. Afterwards, he moved to Chicago where he realized he was trans and had a quarter life crisis.
Now, moving back to his hometown roots and transitioning openly, Asher is back with a new name, a new sound, and a new lease on life. Asher uses his unique fingerstyle guitar playing and newly found rich and gentle voice to write about the personal and political experiences of living as an out trans person.
His debut album, "Ink & Ash", recorded at Flat Black Studios in Lone Tree, Iowa, will be released 10/11/16.

Music starts at 12pm, free show!