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Melt Like Clouds (NY) // Groggadokka // Houzatosis

Melt Like Clouds is the mind child of Ryan Cantz. This project explores the struggle of what is real and what is imaginary. Sometimes things feel more like dreams than reality. Taking all the aspects that frequent the subconscious, Melt Like Clouds establishes through audio and visuals how a memory could haunt the mind. These unexplained images need a way out or the internal conflict will affect a person's mental state. Whether your head is in the clouds or your feet are on the ground, how do you know what's really there? Melt Like Clouds is the gray area where a hallucination meets the physical world.

Groggadokka - Groggy Darko and the Influence gettin silly

houzatosis - EBM | Industrial | Chiptune | Bubblegum Pop

Doors at 9pm, music to follow
$5, all ages