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Pretend Sweethearts / Milk & Eggs / Guy & Sue

doors at 8:30pm
$5 all ages

Drollinger. The name evokes the very essence of Iowa City. Guy is a legendary performer with deep local roots. Joined by his long-suffering wife and co-creator, Sue, they're a soulful, authentic, Americana duo. Spanning multiple genres and styles, Guy and Sue bring a fresh interpretation to every song they approach. Get here early for a good seat!

Milk&Eggs. A local treasure. Her straight-ahead songs sparkle like gem-stones. Born on the bluffs of the Mississippi in Burlington, Iowa, visual artist Jordan Sellergren began actively songwriting in 2009 while living and working in Auckland, New Zealand. After returning to Iowa in the spring of 2010, she started playing her songs under the name Milk & Eggs.

Pretend Sweethearts. Brianna Blackbird and Drew de Man met while studying music therapy in Portland, Oregon. They began songwriting together and released their first ep‘s in 2013, 2014 and a full-length in 2015. They toured the West Coast, playing a slew of bars, clubs and cafés but also put considerable energy into performing in homeless shelters, youth detention centers, prisons and rehab facilities. The duo fell in love as they followed their sound, and made an adventure of life on the road - sleeping on beaches, on couches, in caves, and under redwoods. They left Portland in 2014 and moved to a Bolivian mountainside, where they immersed themselves in Andean culture, worked on new songs and home-birthed their son, who is now happily touring the US and Europe with them.

Drew de Man was given his first guitar at ten and never looked back. If his voice has something twangy about it, he comes by it naturally, with parents from Georgia and the Mississippi Delta. Growing up, his ear was on intimate terms with the great 70’s songwriters, Grateful Dead and loads of roots music. Country blues, string band and classic country blended into the stew with rock-n-roll. His father is a poet with a penchant for quoting ancient mystical texts around the campfire. Drew founded his first band, No River City, in 2001, andspent six years making records and touring the country, including stops in Iowa City.

Brianna Blackbird is a wild little wind. Born and raised in Oregon and the daughter of a music teacher, she grew up on classic rock and Beethoven, healthy home cooking and rainy days. The hard-to-please Portland Mercury called her voice “striking” and “cloudless”. Her songs range from tragic to uplifting, borrowing equally from Celtic folk, 90’s alternative and songwriters like Kate Wolf, Patty Griffin and Peter Case. Her voice soars gorgeously as a soloist and blends sweetly in harmony and she’s lately taken up the upright bass when she’s not beating the calfskin bombo (drum) or playing guitar, and she has been seen with her baby son in arms on stage quite a few times.

The duo is currently based in Atlanta, where their Bottomlands house concert venue is growing. They hosted a showcase at Folk Alliance 2016 under that moniker. They’re working on material for their second album they plan to release in 2017.