We had such a great time when Ian Svenonius (also of The Nation of Ulysses, The Make-Up; and author most recently of Censorhip Now!) was here back in January that we're really (really, really) looking forward to this show featuring his band Chain & the Gang while they're on tour this summer!

Brand Damage, Jarrett & Brendan, will present The Funeral for Freedom; I'm as curious as you are--can't wait to check it out.

We're also hosting Secret Colours while they're coming through town on tour out of Chicago. They are solid!

Definitely gonna be a great night--look out too for some serious drink specials and I'll make some snacks for the night too. Popcorn? Cookies? Pickles? Who knows, come find out.

"Chain & the Gang is led by Svenonius, the prime mover behind the bands Nation of Ulysses and The Make-Up, and author of two books, Psychic Soviet and Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock 'n' Roll Group, not to mention online talk show host and auteur filmmaker. The band deals in a new genre called CRIME ROCK that updates rock 'n' roll, blues, and gospel music or vocal quartets from the late 50s /early 60s for the discerning few.

As Ian himself puts it: "If asked about it by a prospective fan, I would say 'Watch out; it might hurt your feelings.' Or 'Be careful...there's no telling what might happen if you put it in your ear.'" Why? Because Chain & The Gang isn't for everyone. It's not designed for the victims of Ikea who rely on robots to choose their background muzak, but it can also prove to be addictive and has some disturbing side effects."

Learn about Cobra Verde & Jarrett's world here:http://www.cobraverde.org/

Secret Colours---------------