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It's a summertime sundown get-weird at Trumpet Blossom:
Sunday June 26 at 8pm for the low dough show of $6

OUTSOUND Presents:

F/I/P - Bill Nace & Jake Meginsky Duo

BILL NACE is an artist and musician based in Western Massachusetts. He has collaborated with an extraordinary range of musicians, including Michael Morley, Mats Gustafsson, Joe McPhee, Chris Corsano, Jooklo Duo, Chris Cooper, John Truscinski, Thurston Moore, Jessica Rylan, Paul Flaherty, Wally Shoup, and Kim Gordon, with whom he regularly plays as one half of the duo Body/Head. Their critically acclaimed LP “Coming Apart” was released on Matador Records. 
Nace’s range has been described as “veering from sculptural, almost Remko-Scha-esque chime to Loren Connors-style elegance in only a few short moves.” (Mimaroglu Music, 2010). Recordings can be found on Ecstatic Peace (Northampton, MA), Ultra Eczema (Belgium), Holidays (Italy), 8mm (Italy), Throne Heap (VA), HP Cycle (Toronto, ON), as well as on Nace’s own label Open Mouth.

Electronic musician and installation artist Jake Meginsky has collaborated and performed with such artists as Milford Graves, Alvin Lucier, Thurston Moore, Joan Labarbara, Greg Kelley, Bhob Rainey, Vic Rawlings, Joe McPhee, William Parker, Daniel Carter, Paul Flaherty, Arthur Brooks, Bill Nace, and John Truscinski.
HUCK magazine describes his work as “constantly transgressing the boundaries between acoustic and electronic, analog and digital” and continues, “….invention is at the heart of Jake’s work even before he strikes a note.” Volcanic Tongue recently called Meginsky’s 2014 solo record, L’appel Du Vide,“a hallucinatory electro percussion masterpiece” and in the WIRE Magazine review of the album, Nick Cain writes, “the album uses little more than a couple of sounds, extracting often head spinning complexity from a minimum of means.”
His sound installations have been shown internationally including CONTEXT Art Miami, the Duolun Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai, Usdan Gallery in Bennington, VT, APE Gallery in Northampton, MA, the Beijing Today Museum, and the Jinse Gallery in Chongqing. He recently premiered a new work, “What a Horse” at Movement Research in New York City with choreographer Gwen Welliver.

Long-standing experimental musician and sound artist in the Iowa City community. Using non-traditional sound sources such as old medical equipment, field recordings, processed guitar, Wiersema layers short pieces, or 'thistles,' into extended compositions that form wordless narratives. Former member of Lwa, Gloaming Trio, and Gilt Gambrel.
I don't think there are any reviews, but Wiersema's work was once discribed as "the worst thing I've ever heard in my life, Jesus Christ!" by one guy who thought it was going to be a metal show.

A major player in most of the best music made in Iowa City in the last decade, Highnam will be debuting new works for organ. A must see.

Later Event: July 7