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William Z Villain // Jeremy Waun // Joseph Ewart // Devin Dart

Jeremy Waun(Detroit, MI--Feeding Tube Records)
Michigan songwriter Jeremy Waun has been called, "The singer-songwriter for people who don't like singer-songwriters" by the Detroit Metro Times. He performs passion-fueled acoustic anthems that are refreshingly human, and then explain his plans of moving to an island with Jonathan Davis of Korn.

William Z. Villain(Madison, WI)
William Z. Villain plays bizarre world-influenced folk music with an modified 8-string resonator guitar, looped hand percussion, and a chameleon voice. He often melds gypsy-jazz with latin grooves. Formerly of Madison, WI he currently resides all over.

Joseph Ewart(of Soul Phlegm)

Devin Dart
Lo-fi experimental soundscape extrordinaire: