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Anthony Worden tape release party!

"Fright Night"
Anthony Worden's tape release show brought to you by Flat Black Studiosand Cobra Verde. Come to the Trumpet Blossom Cafe October 28th 2016 to celebrate the time honored traditions of independent underground rock music and the halloween season. You are sure not to get spooked by the costume contests that will award prizes from local businesses to the most gruesome and grandiose. Put on the wigs, stream the fake blood, strap up the goth boots and ready yourself for some cosmic american music. 

ANTHONY WORDEN// He has been in the lab constructing a full length independent Frankenstein reminiscent of the 70s NYC new wave movement. The head of Lou Reed, the torso of John Cale, the fingers of the Modern Lovers, the legs of Blondie, and the feat of the Pretenders. He won't need no lightning rod to raise this beast when he has the help of his all star band consisting of: Dana T, Carlo Kind, Brendan Spengler, and Charlie Cacciatore. Do you think you could make it with this Frankenstein?

THE SAVAGE YOUNG TATERBUG// Iowa's premier underground legend. Taterbugs music resembles a lost record being heard from a distance, the sound waves cutting through a midnight fog. Deciphering what is real and what is fake in these tunes keeps us guessing, looking around corners, searching for that bleak light. You can't predict its movements so be at the ready for this one of a kind performance.

Karen Meat// All I can remember was that it was raining like cats and dogs. I went down to check the subpump and there was just this computer sitting there. We awoke something that night and its now heading towards Iowa City. Dana T tried to record its erie howls at Flat Black Studios this summer but im not sure how it turned out. I believe there will be documents of those recordings at this event. Funky? Indie? Guitars? Slap bass? Fuzz tones? it makes no sense to me.

8pm//$7//$5 w/ handbill
-Costume contest
-Good Food
-Good drinks
-Quality entertainment
-Don't miss