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Little Village and Dead Coast Present: Willy Tea Taylor

Little Village and Dead Coast Present: 

A Listening Room Performance Featuring
Willy Tea Taylor

with special guests
Brian Johannesen & Tom VandenAvond

Thursday, August 9th at The Trumpet Blossom
8:00PM Doors | 8:30PM Show
$12 in advance | $15 at the door

Get tickets here!

Willy Tea Taylor is a father, brother, and son. His remarkable ability to sing about profound subjects in a simple way makes his songs a great place to lose yourself. Much of that comes from his upbringing.

Willy grew up surrounded by rolling hills and horses in the small town of Oakdale, California. Known as the “Cowboy Capital of the World” for breeding so many world champion rodeo cowboys, Oakdale is still Willy’s home and the setting for many of his songs.

Despite coming from a long line of cattlemen – his grandfather Walt was one of the most respected of his generation – Willy’s first love was baseball. As a catcher, he had a gift for the nuances of calling a game from behind the plate. When a knee injury ended his ability to catch, Willy turned his attention to music.

Willy calls John Hartford, Roscoe Holcomb, Bob Dylan, KISS, Weird Al Yankovic and Willie Nelson his biggest influences, but is always quick to advocate for his favorite contemporary songwriters which include Tom VandenAvond, Nathan Moore, and his Good Luck partner in crime, Chris Doud. He and VandenAvond have travelled the country together on a series of tours they call “Searchin’ for Guy Clark’s Kitchen” where each evening’s show is just a precursor to an endless quest for the kind of serene late night scene depicted in the cult classic documentary Heartworn Highways.

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8:00 PM20:00

Feed Me Weird Things: Forbes/Billington Duo (of Tiger Hatchery), Sinner Frenz

Forbes/Billington Duo (of Tiger Hatchery)
Reviews of Tiger Hatchery's album "Sun Worship:"
"Right away, it smacks you. The opening... attacks with the explosiveness of Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman's frenzy and John Coltrane's scream, and doesn't let up until the closing... fades to silence. Saxophonist Mike Forbes rages like Peter Brötzmann, Evan Parker and John Butcher all morphed into one being, while Ben Billington's drums recall the pace of Rashied Ali and Han Bennink's solid insanity. Sun Worship is in-your-face brutality, an all-out assault on your preconceived notions of music." - Chuck Foster, The Big Takeover

"One of the best openings in music I’ve heard this year happens on 'Chieftain,' the first of three tracks on Sun Worship, a short and to-the-point CD by the young Chicago free-jazz band Tiger Hatchery. There's no lead-in, no windup: It's as if all members were running as hot as possible, frozen in time, and then unfrozen: Blam, drums and cymbals under attack, tenor saxophone gasping, electric bass on extreme low judder. Sun Worship is released on ESP-Disk, the imprimatur of some of the best New York free jazz in the early- and mid-'60s, but it feels different, especially after the initial onslaught, through its various episodes of velocity and mood. Andrew Scott Young, the bassist, uses the rugged tone you'd associate less with jazz than, say, the Jesus Lizard's David Wm. Sims; the tenor player Mike Forbes and drummer Ben Billington have 50 years of free jazz from around the world, as well as nearly that much of improvised noise, to assimilate. They bring these three pieces home rather elegantly, and begin the other two much more softly. But I’m fine with the record's first five seconds." - Ben Ratliff, The New York Times

Sinner Frenz:
Sinner Frenz are Luke Tweedy and Brendan Lee Spengler, who previously played together in the underground supergroup ft(The Shadow Government). Since then, Tweedy has cultivated Flat Black Studios in Lone Tree, Iowa and Spengler has continued to perform in various acts including Viva L’American Death Ray Music. Together, they have collected a pile of modular synthesizers and an evolving sound system that they use for their act. Sinner Frenz is equal parts beats and melody, electronic music for people that listen to rock music, and hi-fi dance music for noise punks.

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8:45 PM20:45

KEE AVIL, Anthony Worden, Blank Thomas & Nadir Smith

KEE AVIL (Montreal)
Kee Avil is a solo song project based in Montreal, QC. It combines guitar, voice and electronics into weird song forms that stagger between structure and improvisation. Kee Avil evolved from playing the guitar with broken cymbals and drumsticks into creating strange beats glued together by samples of screws dropped into crystal bowls.

Blank Thomas x Nadir Smith (St. Louis)
Special collaborative set, sturdy beats and woozy synthscapes.

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to Jul 29

Feed Me Weird Things: Daniel Wyche

Edition #7
Daniel Wyche
Daniel Wyche is a Chicago-based guitarist, composer and improviser. Working with a wide range of physical preparations, extended techniques, and pedal instruments, his recorded work and live performances are characterized by long-form structured improvisations. Daniel’s early records are a methodical crawl through the timbral subtleties of the guitar through sweet and unhurried layering, inspired by the ambient and deep listening traditions. However, with Our Severed Sleep (Eh? 2016), his most recent solo record, he has returned to his earliest inspirations on the uncomfortable periphery of rock and free improvisation, in an extended exploration of the relationships between resonance, overtones, and noise. The result is a pair of compositions called “a blowout to wake the dead” by the Wire, “reverent music,” by Decoder, and “an infinite swansong of bliss” by Tiny Mix Tapes. Over the past several years, all of this work has become increasingly integrated with the exploration of multi-channel performance, the spatialization of sound, and site specific-composition, and new compositions for quad and 8-channel guitar are currently being developed.
Along with his solo guitar work and duo recordings with primary collaborator Ryan Packard (Fonema Consort, Skeletons), Wyche is involved in several regular collaborations. Most notable among these are a series of ongoing performances with Julian Lynch (Real Estate), and his trio with Mark Shippy (US Maple, Invisible Things) and Ben Baker Billington (Tiger Hatchery, ONO, ADT), which will release two new records in 2017 on the Astral Spirits and No Index imprints.
Daniel has been a curator at Elastic Arts in Chicago since 2013, has severed as part-time faculty at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is an PhD candidate in the history and philosophy of religions at the University of Chicago.
Link to work- Daniel Wyche

Justin K Comer
Justin K Comer is a saxophonist, composer, and improviser living and working in the bustling metropolis of Coralville, IA. He experiments with noise, sampling, extended techniques, rhythmic phasing, and evolving repetitive patterns. His music has been used in dance, theater, and film productions. In addition to his solo work, he also collaborates with like-minded artists under the banners of JCϟjp, Wombat, and Emery Clair Comer Hart. In collective improvisations, he practices musical anarchy, where individuals are given complete freedom to pursue their own interests and cooperate as desired. He also organizes and hosts the iHearIC concert series and radio show. Find more at

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8:30 PM20:30

Esmé Patterson, Elizabeth Moen, Brooks Strause

Denver, CO’s Esmé Patterson has been making waves all around the country since going solo in 2012 (she was previously in Denver-based Paper Bird). Her voice is smooth and sweet when she wants it to be, and then fully rock and roll when you least expect it. Each of Patterson’s songs listens like and intensely personal diary entry, and you’ll likely find yourself relating to all of them with wide-eyed wonder.

Elizabeth's sound and songs flow fluidly across many genres, inspired by artists from Alabama Shakes, Sharon Van Etten, and Angel Olsen to Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, and Bonnie Raitt.
This summer will be stocked full of great shows and festivals in Iowa and the Midwest. Moen has previously released a self-titled EP in 2016 and a vinyl LP titled "That's All I Wanted" in 2017.

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Virgo, Leo rising. Brooks has been making solo albums for 10 years: The Misanthrope and his Doubtful Faith(2007), Dead Animals(2009), Apostatize!(2010), My Foreign Right Hand(2011), Acid Casual(2013), Renaissance Beast(2014), Aeiouns(2014), The Chymical Wedding of Brooks Strause(2015), Christ of the Abyss(2016) and Benjamin(coming soon).

Doors 9pm

Get tickets here:


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to Jul 22

Feed Me Weird Things: Fire-Toolz / Purcha$e

Angel Marcloid makes music under too many names to list, but her Fire-Toolz moniker has come to host some of her most complex and expressive compositions to date. Sculpted from warped signifiers hyperlinked from a litany of genres including electro-industrial, jazz fusion, black metal, vaporwave, and noise improv, Fire-Toolz’s music takes on its own chimeric character both reminiscent in the hyper-specificity of its mangled tropes and alien in its tightly structured composite. Far from indulging in sterile experiments in production, Marcloid herself shines (or self-immolates) at the center of her project with searing lead vocal performances that flit between screams, croons, barks, and whispers. Her lyrics grapple with trauma and obsession, as she processes her experiences as a transgender girl through the lens of an infinite oneness with all beings that seems to justify the grueling existence of these sacks of meat that hold our consciousnesses. Interbeing, her third full-length album as Fire-Toolz, follows 2017’s Drip Mental (Hausu Mountain) and 2016’s Even The Files Won’t Touch You (Depravity Label). The album represents a shift away from the axis of grab-bag sample recontextualization toward arrangements brimming with live instrumentation and original, performance-based composition. Marcloid’s tracks smash the baroque harmonic frameworks and smooth textures of fusion into webs of blastbeat metal or four-on-the-floor techno percussion, all struck through with flashes of synthetic noise and empty space that destroy any semblance of rhythmic coherence. Every style that Interbeing cycles through in its time-dilating 40 minute duration finds its counterpoint a few moments away: stomping dancefloor-ready grids crumble with the introduction of billowing saxophone lines; passages of gorgeous ambient drift segue into garbled and glitched nonsense; jackhammer drum programming colludes with chintzy preset video game tones. Like an exaggerated dystopian version of the eclectic listener who finds joy in juxtaposing genres or moods while building a playlist, Fire-Toolz makes room within the context of one project for endless recombination and fragmentation beyond any constraints - all to give us some inkling, however small it may be, of what lies at her core.
-Maxwell Allison (Mukqs, Hausu Mountain, Good Willsmith)

Purcha$e is an Iowa City-based self taught electronic musician whose music draws from influences such as Daft Punk, Janet Jackson, and the Hubble Space Telescope.

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8:30 PM20:30

Mock Identity (Josh of SSP) // BStar // The Spider Magnets

Mock Identity (Washington DC, featuring Daddy Hoff from SuperSonicPiss) // BStar // The Spider Magnets
Tuesday June 26th 9pm Trumpet Blossom Cafe $7

For Mock Identity, the sum is both greater than, and equal to, its parts. Comprised of some of the D.C. experimental music scene’s most innovative and forward-thinking musicians—vocalist Adriana-Lucia Cotes (Antonia), guitarist Jeff Barsky (Insect Factory), bassist Joshua David Hoffman (Supersonic Piss), and percussionist Nate Scheible—this post-hardcore quartet is a force of musical resistance that sounds miles away from the musical worlds of avant-pop, free jazz, and ambient drone its members come from. 

Of course, that’s a shallow way of defining a band that contains multitudes. Formed in the winter of 2017, Mock Identity came together as artists with a shared passion of musical experimentation, social awareness, and a desire to disrupt the toxicity infecting society—racism, misogyny, patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, anti-semitism, ableism, and white supremacy—in all forms. 

On its debut LP, Paradise, Mock Identity unleashes ten tracks of twisting, angular post-hardcore that whips the senses like a howling wind. Barsky’s knotty guitar riffs soar into an outer dimension, while Hoffman and Scheible lock into heavy rhythmic grooves that keep these songs grounded on Earth. But it’s Cotes’ soaring vocals and scathingly vivid lyrics that packs the most punch: “You want to talk about it?/ You should know all about it/ I mean it when I say/ No means no, man,” she sings on “No Means No.” There’s no mincing words; Mock Identity isn’t here to fuck around.

BStar is what happens when a scientist and a dentist play pseudo-mathy music but aren't musically proficient enough to pull it off as a two piece, so they instead rely on loop technologies and striking drums everywhere besides the heads.

The Spider Magnets are an arachno-pop supergroup from outer space specializing in songs about the extermination of humanity. Pop punk, for spiders, by spiders.

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9:00 PM21:00

The Cobra Verde Dance Club feat. DJ AtotheK with Sinner Frenz & Mr. Boogie-Man

The rave of the summer---you will want to be here. More details to come but for now:

There is gonna be a raffle.  You get a raffle ticket when you come in.  But, the more you dance and have fun, Jarrett can give you more tickets.  

Chances to win - Cobra, a ticket to Grey Area, Sinner Frenz t-shirt, Trumpet Blossom gift card, Record Collector gift card, the envy of your friends & enemies...good stuff.

Dance. Sweat. Drink. Sweat. Dance. You get the idea.

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to Jun 21

Feed Me Weird Things: Midwife, American Grandma, Kevin Greenspon, Colliedscope

Midwife - Midwife is Madeline Johnston. Known for her minimal ambient work as Sister Grotto, Midwife finds Johnston and collaborator Tucker Theodore creating powerful anthems of dislocation and loss under the weight of reverb buried power chords and swelling choruses.

American Grandma - M a l l W a v e

Kevin Greenspon - Kevin Greenspon has performed hundreds of shows across the USA in venues ranging from art museums to abandoned naval bases. Using multiple video projectors, tape machines and synth programs that react to each other, Greenspon’s live performances of contemplative ambient techno create an immersive audio-visual environment and ethereal atmosphere for self-reflection.

“A thoughtful, precise, and conceptual composer. You will rarely see an experimental/ambient musician play tracks live exactly as they sound on record, but that is what you might get at a Kevin Greenspon show.” - Tiny Mix Tapes

Collidescope - A col·lide·scope [kəˈlīdəˌskōp] is a group of butterflies and/also soulgaze afrospaceshipsubmarine

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8:30 PM20:30

Curt Oren / Dan English / Pink Neighbor / Hadiza

Honk honk ! Did you hear that? It's Curt Oren coming back 2 town. Bleep Bleep! That's Dan English on the keys. Plunk plunk ! Also Dan English on guitar. 

Somebody leaked Curt's album & you can listen here:

Dan on tour in support of his upcoming record "Fruit Boy" but listen to this for now & you can buy a copy of his *NEW* one at the show.

Come on down to Trumpet Blossom and see your hometown boys with special guests, Pink Neighbor, & Hadiza ♥ 
Truly a great bill ~ Don't miss out
$5 + Doors 8:30PM + Show 9:00PM

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to Jun 9

In the Attic / Ariias / Hex Girls

Doors @ 9PM
Show @ 9:30PM
All Ages
Cover $5

In the Attic is an alternative band from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with four core members; Tyler Burkle, Brennan Graeve, Piper McGee, and Tanner Parks. Tyler and Tanner have known each other for over a decade. They met Grant in high school where they formed In the Attic and started White Sofa Records. They have released two singles from their first record, The Same Different Sound, called “Brother” and “People.” They recorded their singles independently. After high school, Grant and Tyler attended Kirkwood Community College where Tyler met Brennan. Brennan introduced In the Attic to Sine Rife at Rife Recording Studio, where they started recording their new and old material. In the Attic released The Same Different Sound in December 2016. During the Summer of 2017, In the Attic stumbled upon violinist Piper McGee, shortly after she graduated from Coe College. Grant parted with the band in 2018. Now, the group is working hard on their second record with Sine Rife.


Born out of a college dorm at the University of Iowa in late 2013, Ariias is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Erik Tarr. At the time of its inception, the goal of the project was to aurally express Tarr's emotions, thoughts, and experiences, and to exist as a natural byproduct of his musical influences without conscious emphasis on a specific style. This idea remains the heart of Ariias today, despite multiple lineup changes throughout the years. In its current state, it is an all originals indie rock outfit consisting of two core members: Tarr on lead vocals, guitar, and other instruments, and Kyler Schutzman on bass. The band's music is very spacey, atmospheric, and layered with lengthy compositions and a variety of instruments and arrangements, bearing influences of shoegaze, dream pop, psychedelic rock, and post-rock styles.

Ariias released their first mini LP, "Violet Superstition," on October 24, 2016. They are currently working on their debut full-length release, "A Flash in the Eyes," which will feature multiple guest musicians, and is planned for release sometime in late spring 2018.

Hex Girls
Four-piece fast-indie band from Cedar Falls. You'll find us bathing in the Cedar River.

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to Jun 8

Feed Me Weird Things: Sarah Hennies with special guest Ramin Roshandel

Sarah Hennies (b. 1979, Louisville, KY) is a composer and percussionist based in Ithaca, NY. Her work utilizes an often grueling, endurance-based performance practice in a subversive examination of psychoacoustics, queer identity, and performance art. She has presented her work in a variety of contexts including Café Oto (London), cave12 (Geneva), Ende Tymes (NYC), Festival Cable (Nantes), the Johns Hopkins Digital Media Center, O’ Art Space (Milan), and Second Edition (Stockholm) and has received commissions for new work from Cristian Alvear, Bearthoven, Bent Frequency, R. Andrew Lee, LIMINAR, Qubit Music, and the Thin Edge New Music Collective. Her work has been supported by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, New Music USA, New York State Council on the Arts, and in 2016 was awarded a fellowship in music/sound from the New York Foundation for the Arts.
Hennies is currently a member of improvised music group Meridian with Greg Stuartand Tim Feeney, a duo with sound/performance artist Jason Zeh, and the Queer Percussion Research Group with Jerry Pergolesi, Bill Solomon, and Jennifer Torrence. In late 2017 she premiered the groundbreaking work, Contralto at Issue Project Room (NYC), a film featuring a cast of transgender women with a live score for string quartet and three percussionists.

Ramin Roshandel (b.1987) started studying the setar (an Iranian classical music instrument) at the age of 14. He completed his Bachelor’s in Iranian Music Performance at the Tehran University of Art, and his Master’s in Music Composition at the University of Tehran. He is currently in the first year of his Ph.D. in composition at the University of Iowa, working with Josh Levine.

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8:30 PM20:30

Erik Nervous / Closet Goth / Accident Time/ Forever Nap

Erik Nervous - wirey post punk that wiggles and grooves

Closet Goth - someone fused indie rock and hardcore and I listened to their whole record this morning

Accident Time - grunge pudding for the kids that wished they experienced more of the 90s

Forever Nap - indie rock midwestern anthems

Doors at 8:30, show at 9pm
$5 cover for the cool touring bands!

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5:00 PM17:00

Tacos for Peace: The Dream Center

May's Tacos for Peace benefits The Dream Center in Iowa City. 
Join us as we donate 20% of our sales during dinner to this local organization that strives to help local families in many different ways.
"The Dream Center works to strengthen and empower families, with a particular focus on fathers and youth, through support, advocacy, lifelong education, and community connections.
The Dream Center was founded on May 30, 2012. Conceived by Frederick Newell, the Dream Center originated as a response to the growing number of youth being affected by absentee and non-involved fathers. In working with these target populations, it
became apparent that in order to effect positive change, a more holistic, family-focused approach was needed.
Currently, the Dream Center offers a variety of programs for youth and adults that are designed to empower them with the skills and attitudes they need to be successful. In each of our programs, we provide our clients with a positive, nurturing environment that encourage leadership, community involvement, and personal responsibility."

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