Feed Me Weird Things: Forest Management

with special guest: Forest Management w/The Christine Burke Ensemble

Forest Management:
"John’s material tends toward longform drones that accrue stardust as they stretch out to fill space. The sound is comparable to some French and German composers of the early 1970s, but his take is a bit more different than anything that comes easily to mind." - Wire Magazine

Forest Management is John Daniel (b.1989 in Hemet, CA), an American musician currently living and working in Chicago, Illinois. The project began in 2011 in Daniel’s hometown of Westlake, Ohio

“A venue doesn’t have to be just a room. It can be an extension of the musician and his or her craft. Case in point: Forest Management, the ambient/drone project of Cleveland musician John Daniel. In any other setting, Daniel’s music would be enjoyable, a lush and intricate mix of slow-swelling synths and found sounds that eventually reach levels of movement bordering on actual life. In this venue, a rustic community center that’s easily 100 years old, it became grand and theatrical, filling the 200-person auditorium with an ethereal hum. Even amid an audience of a couple dozen, paltry numbers for the space, it was hard to not feel moved and part of something bigger than you. For someone just getting into the realm of ambient, Forest Management’s set was a powerful display of the genre’s universality.“ - Chris Coplan, Senior Staff Writer, Consequence of Sound (POP Montreal 2014)

The Christine Burke Ensemble:
The Christine Burke Ensemble is a group of musicians from the Iowa City area who compose and perform experimental, improvisatory music. Members also perform with Wombat, JCjp and the University of Iowa Center for New Music, and have written works for the JACK Quartet, Alarm Will Sound and the United States Air Force Band, among others.

Erik Nervous / Closet Goth / Accident Time/ Forever Nap

Erik Nervous - wirey post punk that wiggles and grooves

Closet Goth - someone fused indie rock and hardcore and I listened to their whole record this morning

Accident Time - grunge pudding for the kids that wished they experienced more of the 90s

Forever Nap - indie rock midwestern anthems

Doors at 8:30, show at 9pm
$5 cover for the cool touring bands!

Feed Me Weird Things: Sarah Hennies with special guest Ramin Roshandel

Sarah Hennies (b. 1979, Louisville, KY) is a composer and percussionist based in Ithaca, NY. Her work utilizes an often grueling, endurance-based performance practice in a subversive examination of psychoacoustics, queer identity, and performance art. She has presented her work in a variety of contexts including Café Oto (London), cave12 (Geneva), Ende Tymes (NYC), Festival Cable (Nantes), the Johns Hopkins Digital Media Center, O’ Art Space (Milan), and Second Edition (Stockholm) and has received commissions for new work from Cristian Alvear, Bearthoven, Bent Frequency, R. Andrew Lee, LIMINAR, Qubit Music, and the Thin Edge New Music Collective. Her work has been supported by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, New Music USA, New York State Council on the Arts, and in 2016 was awarded a fellowship in music/sound from the New York Foundation for the Arts.
Hennies is currently a member of improvised music group Meridian with Greg Stuartand Tim Feeney, a duo with sound/performance artist Jason Zeh, and the Queer Percussion Research Group with Jerry Pergolesi, Bill Solomon, and Jennifer Torrence. In late 2017 she premiered the groundbreaking work, Contralto at Issue Project Room (NYC), a film featuring a cast of transgender women with a live score for string quartet and three percussionists.

Ramin Roshandel (b.1987) started studying the setar (an Iranian classical music instrument) at the age of 14. He completed his Bachelor’s in Iranian Music Performance at the Tehran University of Art, and his Master’s in Music Composition at the University of Tehran. He is currently in the first year of his Ph.D. in composition at the University of Iowa, working with Josh Levine.

In the Attic / Ariias / Hex Girls

Doors @ 9PM
Show @ 9:30PM
All Ages
Cover $5

In the Attic is an alternative band from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with four core members; Tyler Burkle, Brennan Graeve, Piper McGee, and Tanner Parks. Tyler and Tanner have known each other for over a decade. They met Grant in high school where they formed In the Attic and started White Sofa Records. They have released two singles from their first record, The Same Different Sound, called “Brother” and “People.” They recorded their singles independently. After high school, Grant and Tyler attended Kirkwood Community College where Tyler met Brennan. Brennan introduced In the Attic to Sine Rife at Rife Recording Studio, where they started recording their new and old material. In the Attic released The Same Different Sound in December 2016. During the Summer of 2017, In the Attic stumbled upon violinist Piper McGee, shortly after she graduated from Coe College. Grant parted with the band in 2018. Now, the group is working hard on their second record with Sine Rife.



Born out of a college dorm at the University of Iowa in late 2013, Ariias is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Erik Tarr. At the time of its inception, the goal of the project was to aurally express Tarr's emotions, thoughts, and experiences, and to exist as a natural byproduct of his musical influences without conscious emphasis on a specific style. This idea remains the heart of Ariias today, despite multiple lineup changes throughout the years. In its current state, it is an all originals indie rock outfit consisting of two core members: Tarr on lead vocals, guitar, and other instruments, and Kyler Schutzman on bass. The band's music is very spacey, atmospheric, and layered with lengthy compositions and a variety of instruments and arrangements, bearing influences of shoegaze, dream pop, psychedelic rock, and post-rock styles.

Ariias released their first mini LP, "Violet Superstition," on October 24, 2016. They are currently working on their debut full-length release, "A Flash in the Eyes," which will feature multiple guest musicians, and is planned for release sometime in late spring 2018.


Hex Girls
Four-piece fast-indie band from Cedar Falls. You'll find us bathing in the Cedar River.


Old Thrashers Reunion

Annual punk music fest to raise money for United Action for Youth in Iowa City, IA. We have the Tape Beatles, Stiff Legged Sheep, and Zuul on tap to perform. More to come later!

Feed Me Weird Things: Midwife, American Grandma, Kevin Greenspon, Colliedscope

Midwife - Midwife is Madeline Johnston. Known for her minimal ambient work as Sister Grotto, Midwife finds Johnston and collaborator Tucker Theodore creating powerful anthems of dislocation and loss under the weight of reverb buried power chords and swelling choruses.

American Grandma - M a l l W a v e

Kevin Greenspon - Kevin Greenspon has performed hundreds of shows across the USA in venues ranging from art museums to abandoned naval bases. Using multiple video projectors, tape machines and synth programs that react to each other, Greenspon’s live performances of contemplative ambient techno create an immersive audio-visual environment and ethereal atmosphere for self-reflection.

“A thoughtful, precise, and conceptual composer. You will rarely see an experimental/ambient musician play tracks live exactly as they sound on record, but that is what you might get at a Kevin Greenspon show.” - Tiny Mix Tapes

Collidescope - A col·lide·scope [kəˈlīdəˌskōp] is a group of butterflies and/also soulgaze afrospaceshipsubmarine

Thuh Chocolate Hog Boys

The third Thursday jam from Iowa City's jammiest spaciest space jammers. You won't be sorry. 

Always free.