Why organic?
The most important thing each of us can do as daily consumers of food is to treat our soil well by supporting farmers who practice sustainable methods that don't involve destroying the earth with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 
I only purchase organic produce and promise to keep this a priority. Not only does it help keep the soil healthy, it helps keep us healthy since we are consuming foods in their pure forms, unadulterated by man-made chemicals.
Organic produce costs more because it isn't as heavily subsidized as commercially-grown produce and it takes a greater human effort to maintain organically-grown crops. I feel it is completely worth the extra money and I also believe that organic produce tastes better than its commercial counterparts because more of the natural flavor comes through. 
I am proud to support a system that helps keep the earth and my fellow inhabitants healthy and happy.

Why vegan?
Food is a very personal topic and discussions about our food choices most certainly enliven folks, no matter their opinions. There are many reasons why we offer a strict vegan food menu but the one answer that really informs the rest is that it is truly better for the environment. Raising animals for human consumption puts undue stress on the planet that can be easily avoided. 
We are happy to offer a place for people with all kinds of culinary backgrounds to enjoy a delicious meal that's cooked from scratch right here in the restaurant that also happens to be free of animal products. 
We know that vegans and vegetarians appreciate having this option and we also believe that anyone who is accustomed to a more standard American diet will be very pleased with what we can provide; we hope to expand people's perceptions in the process.

Why local?
My favorite part of running a restaurant is the relationships I get to build with members of my community who are as passionate about good food as I am. I value the hard work that local farmers do everyday to supply their superior products to our little neck of the woods. 
I like knowing where my money goes and I like being able to talk directly to the person who plants the seeds and eventually picks the veggies, grains, and beans that end up on our plates. Whenever possible I prefer to purchase a product that was made close to here as opposed to something that was shipped across the country or even across the globe.
The climate of the Midwest isn't able to provide us with everything on our menu year-round but we do our best to bring in as much local produce as the season allows.



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